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About Seabeck Conferences

The Association for Research and Enlightenment of Washington sponsors two programs at Seabeck each year.  Since 1966 the A.R.E. Pacific Northwest Region  has used the campgrounds at Seabeck Christian Conference Center to join together in meditation, discussion and inspiration from the Edgar Cayce Readings.

A welcome Sign

Historic Seabeck, Washington with its scenic traditions provides the ideal setting for practicing the principles of love and kindness which Edgar Cayce recommended in his readings.  At Seabeck we retreat from the work-a-day-world  and  network with our  Edgar Cayce family.   Edgar Cayce students from all over the northwest,  Alaska, California,  Montana,  British Columbia and Alberta come to Seabeck to experience kinship and  practice the principles of the Edgar Cayce Readings.

Schoolhouse Meeting Hall

When A.R.E. Members, friends and families travel to Seabeck every spring and summer, they build memories that last a lifetime.  A Cayce diet combined with the magnificent trees and water and the joys of new and old friends provide the perfect setting for the inspiration that unfolds when hearing the insights of the Edgar Cayce Readings presented by great speakers from the A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach.  From the lectures in the schoolhouse we adjourn to the Pines meeting area where a book table and snacks are always available.  Meditation takes place among the tall cedars in the adjacent woods.  Children and youth  play at volleyball and basketball or talk with coordinators about dreams and their recent psychic experiences.

Pines Meeting Hall and lodging rooms

The setting, food, and friendships are not the purpose of our attending the retreat at Seabeck, of course.  We come to reawaken our spiritual selves and heal the wounds of daily life.  We come to find the truth that love is the balm that transcends the ordinary.  Here at Seabeck the speakers and volunteers help us to realize the truth, "Life is beautiful,  moment by moment."  We learn to make the elements of time magical and real at the same time.   We become aware of the precious discovery - "this is the only moment to be aware of our chance to be the help mate, to be the healer, to be the shoulder someone else leans upon, to be the listener who transforms your burden into light."  These are our opportunities while at Seabeck.  For a few days we can choose to love.

Delicious Salmon BakeA salmon bake at sunset, a sharing group of like minded souls, an child's experience with the ocean, the precious silence of meditation in the forest are the soul memories of our time at Seabeck with other students of the Edgar Cayce material.  What keeps us coming back is the companionship of those seeking the higher ideals of love, kindness, joy,  patience and service.  We know for a few days at Seabeck we will practice love and sing with the angels.

You can expect:


Basketball and Volleyball The Seabeck Christian Conference Center grounds includes tennis courts, swimming area, campfire area, hiking trails, historic buildings, magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, manicured lawns, wheelchair accessible buildings, nearby forest, beach and horseshoe pit.  Occasionally, a few deer greet us on the grounds.


Sleeping facilities range from single rooms with shared bath in the Inn to motel style rooms in the Spruce with private bath for two.   Other sleeping arrangements include dormitory style single beds with 3 beds to a room and shared bath to small houses providing beds for up to 12 guests with shared bath.  Capacity of Seabeck is 250 beds and has facilities to feed 300 in their classic dining room.  Meals are prepared in a modern kitchen and served family style.  Every effort is made by the kitchen staff to comply with the Edgar Cayce diet recommendations and food combinations.  A very cheerful staff is always available to assist with our every need.

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