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An Overview of the Edgar Cayce Material
by Kevin Todeschi
Copyright © 1992 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation All Rights Reserved

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The Edgar Cayce Legacy

     What is most exciting about these readings is their internal consistency. When the more than 14,000 readings are taken as a whole, there is a wealth of material on medicine, history, life after death, dreams, psychic ability, attitudes and emotions, child-rearing, diet, and relationships-providing helpful insights into nearly any topic imaginable. It's interesting to note that in the 43 years that these readings were given, Cayce never heard a word he said in this sleep state, nor did he remember anything when he awoke. To understand the nature of his own work, he spent many long hours poring over the information in the readings that had been written down by his secretary. His story is really that of a humble man who went on to become one of the most helpful psychics the world has ever known. The information in the readings, available to us today, is his gift to the world.

Recommended Reading:
AboutCayce's life:
The Lost Memoirs of EdgarCayce by A. Robert Smith
There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue
Edgar Cayce-The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn
As an overview of the various subjects mentioned In thereadings:
The Edgar Cayce Primer by Herbert B. Puryear

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