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A.R.E. Puget Sound Area Team
Astrology Reports Order Form
To order one or more Astrology Reports:
  1. Fill out one form for each person for whom astrology reports are ordered.
  2. Print the form(s) and mail with your check or money order to:

A.R.E. Puget Sound Area Team
C/O David & Mary Kralman
24502 SE 380th St.
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Note: The Shipping and Handling charge applies only to the combined total of all order forms.

For your security, this form is running only on your computer, and information you type in stays on your computer. There is no Submit button on this form, so nothing can be transmitted or intercepted over the Internet.

Mailing Address Ship to address if different
Street address
Address (cont.)
City, State Zip
Home Phone
Special instructions & comments
Astrology Charts For
Person #1 Person #2
Name (last, first mi)
Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Time of birth (hh:mm:ss)
Birth City, State (USA) or City, Country (not USA)
Check the desired charts and enter other information as required
Chart Name Price Amount Check Other Information
Basic Natal Interpretation $9.95 ________
Child Guidance Boy Girl $16.95 ________
Expanded Natal Interpretation
this is an expanded version
of the Basic Natal interpertation
listed above.
$19.95 ________
Forecast (1 month day by day) $5.00 ________ Please enter current residence (city, state or city, country) when ordering forecast  
Forecast (6 month day by day) $15.00 ________
Forecast (12 month day by day) $20.00 ________ Enter Date to begin Forecast (mm/dd/yyyy)  
Guide for Personal GrowthMan Woman $19.95 ________
Hidden Messages $9.95 ________
Karmic Insight $14.95 ________
Major Life Themes $2.95 ________
Past Life Profile $19.95 ________
Relationships between two people $14.95 ________ Fill in birth information above for Person #2
Relocation (4 locations) $9.95 ________ Relocation places city, state (USA) or city, country in boxes below.
Vocational Guidance Interpretation $14.95 ________
Reports total this form (1) ________
Sum of reports total all other forms (2) ________
Shipping & handling (3) $2.00 ________
Total before sales tax (1+2+3) ________
WA state residents add 8.6% sales tax ________
Total order ________
We can only accept your check, or money order for payment. Please do not send cash.  We cannot process Debit or Credit cards. Please make check or money order payable to A.R.E. Puget Sound Area Team

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