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Relocation Information Report for

Edgar Cayce
March 18, 1877
3:03 PM
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

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Your Relocation Information Report is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     28 Pis 23               Saturn  12 Pis 49
Moon    12 Tau 14               Uranus  21 Leo 16
Mercury 11 Pis 42               Neptune  3 Tau 39
Venus   15 Pis 43               Pluto   22 Tau 56
Mars    11 Cap 13               Asc     21 Leo 03
Jupiter  2 Cap 03               MC      14 Tau 44

Tropical  Campanus   Local Mean Time observed
GMT: 20:52:57   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 36 N 51 56 87 W 29 19

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 5 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min
Square     : 3 Deg 00 Min
Trine      : 3 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    : 1 Deg 30 Min
Midpoints  : 2 Deg 30 Min

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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The analysis of each city begins on the following page.

After the name of the city, the latitude and longitude of the city is given. For the benefit of astrologers, the "relocated Ascendant and Midheaven" are also given. You can ignore all of this information; what is really important, of course, is the analysis of the city.

Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of this report: Whenever you plan a vacation, are going to visit friends, on a business trip, or planning on a place to relocate to, you can refer to the analysis given in this report. Remember also to use all of the information available to you when analyzing a given place. For example, if you hate cold weather, you probably will not enjoy moving to a city near the Arctic Circle! However, you will find that if the astrological influences are positive, there will be some nice experiences to help you through the long winters. In addition to weather, carefully consider the culture, the kind of people, and other issues that may be important to you (crime rate, quality of schools, natural environment, etc). Most places offer a rich variety of possibilities. For example, two people (whom I will call Jack and Jill) may be very similar but Jack may find that he loves Chicago and lots of opportunities come his way, and Jill may have just the opposite experience. The astrological influences for Jack and Jill are probably very different. Also, keep in mind that a good attitude and skillful use of the energies available to you enable you to transform the most difficult challenges into a creative solution rather than become a frustrating and limiting situation. It is up to you to find creative solutions to the challenges that you face.

Note that an accurate birth time is required for this report to be accurate. Also, you may wonder if an astrological influence will still be in effect if you are 15 miles or 30 miles from any given city. The answer is yes. The influences described in this report extend in across a region that varies from about 100 miles to 350 miles. It is safe to say that the influence will extend 50 miles (sometimes more) from the city. An astrologer can help you pinpoint areas of strongest influence as well as analyze additional factors at work in a given location.

Finally, you may be asking yourself, "I wonder if this report really works?". We are convinced that it does. The astrological techniques used in this report have been used by hundreds of astrologers on thousands of people and there is very strong evidence that the techniques to do work. Still, astrology is extremely controversial and the techniques used here have not been proven scientifically so we cannot guarantee that the methods do work.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA  36N51'10" 75W58'42"   0 VI 21   26 TA 06

Asc Trine Jupiter    (Orb:1 Deg 41 Min)

While you are at this location you will be much more optimistic in your approach to life, and your self confidence will breed enthusiasm and good will from others. Your personal, domestic and professional life will be very happy and your sense of humor bubbles with excitement. Social life will feel the impact of this positive placement as you join the " party scene " and social circuit. The use of charm at this location is useful to keep you out of any sticky situations, and here you will experience popularity among others in your environment. There will be a strong need to experience as much of life as you can while you are here and you will need room to be free to explore and roam from place to place.

This is an excellent place to reside if you are a student or teacher, or have a curiosity about cultures, different languages, religious inclinations or practice law. People will view you as a wonderful storyteller and you will enjoy being the center of attention.

Your flow of energy in this location will be very smooth and harmonious, and you will have a strong faith that everything is going to work out fine for you. You can meet that special someone in your life that brings great emotional satisfaction to you here. You can make a great lecturer should the opportunity arise, and will be able to influence a great deal of people through your speaking ability. Expect to meet people that are much different than yourself from different areas of life to excite your adventuresome nature and you curiosity. Your relationship with the public is favored, as well as the institution of marriage should you desire it. If you are looking for a place for a vacation, this is an excellent place to unwind and rejuvenate. Business will flourish here as well.

MC Sesquiquadrate Mars    (Orb:0 Deg 08 Min)

While you are around this location you will find that more confrontations will occur with others and the home front will be void of harmony. Your over aggressive nature and combative attitude will fall in disfavor with people in authority over you. You can be very impulsive, compulsive and rash in behavior and can experience accidents in and around the home.

While you are here you will need an increase of "your own space" so that you can do your own thing, and explore the world around you. Should the need come up, you will be only too willing to rough it to brings some adventure into your life. There can be an overbearing and harsh manner around the domestic front in this location and you may feel you have to rule others with a fist of iron, often refusing to compromise the slightest.

This is an excellent place for home repairs or doing physical work, because you need to replace the old, with the new. There will also be a constant need to better yourself in all areas here. There can also be arguments over what belongs to whom, and family matters will be somewhat explosive to say the least. Remember that if you experience more accidents than usual here, the universe may be trying to tell you to lighten up, or you'll get hurt if you don't.

MC Conj Pluto    (Orb:3 Deg 10 Min)

While you are in this location you can make quite an impact on others that cannot be ignored. You will want to be considered someone who is powerful and an authority figure, and these areas will be stressed as you barge your way through obstacles to obtain them. You can easily go overboard in your quenching and become involved in scandals or an assassin as Pluto rules the underworld and crime. You can be overbearing with your possessive and dominating needs causing many fights and disagreements with people in authority. You can be quite secretive at times and ruthless at others while trying to reform or remake people in your image.

This is an excellent placement for spies, private eyes, secret investigators and trouble shooters. You will easily be able to influence the public or fall prey to corruption. The use of occult procedures can be instituted to gain control over others as well here because of your strong need to be the head honcho. You stand the possibility of people praising you for your deeds, or totally detesting your presence. Actually people will be envious and jealous of your position. You could become quite tyrannical and somewhat a dictator here be cause of your obsessive need for power and control. Power is an interesting thing, you can either rise to the top, or as humpty dumpty, make a great fall. You may find an interesting career working with wills, the occult or insurance.

Asc=Jupiter/Neptune    (Orb:2 Deg 30 Min)

While you are in this location you are apt to take more risks than normal, and there will be a strong draw to mystical, spiritual and humanitarian pursuits. There will be a strong need to do work for the good of all people, putting your needs second.

This is also a wonderful place to spend a "fantasy" vacation where you can temporarily escape from the world and her problems, but if you live here full time, you may find it difficult to separate reality from fiction. You may be interested in seeing or perform a miracle or two here, and perhaps you will get your wish because there is a greater understanding about the universe and occult subjects. There will be a greater generosity shown to people who have less than you or somehow disadvantaged and work with people with alcohol and drug problems, or with their rehabilitation.

Your intuitive and psychic abilities will be awakened in this location and you can use them for some very positive and fulfilling work.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON       47N36'23" 122W19'51"   29 CN 13   8 AR 05

Asc Trine Sun    (Orb:0 Deg 49 Min)

While you are here at least take some time off and have some fun! Learn to lighten up and enjoy life. Recognition can come for your good work. This is a very auspicious place to throw parties and socialize with others, and a very supportive position for close and intimate relationships. Your creativity is alive and well, and should be utilized. You are extremely comfortable being here, and it will be a blessing to have found a place where you can express yourself openly and easily to others. People will just take a liking to you!

You can expect to be more positive while in this location with an abundance of optimism, a place where you can live life to the maximum. If you like being the center of attention, then you have arrived at the correct place for that as well. There is a danger of overindulgences in food causing you to put on weight, and a more than average interest in sex which can be considered somewhat promiscuous. Your physical energy will be high and your vitality strong. Your will power will be the encouragement for others to excel in their own lives. This is a place where nothing is done half way, and respect is gained from others for your attitude. You will find that you need more affection and love while in this area.

MC SemiSquare Pluto    (Orb:0 Deg 09 Min)

While you are here you are apt to be more obsessive about your privacy, finding a greater need to be alone and find a secure place to dwell. Real estate and investment matters are sure to face some very unusual and unexpected turns in events, so use caution when considering buying, selling and renting.

If you were a child growing up here or spent a great deal of time in this location, you may have felt controlled, dominated or manipulated by authority or parental figures.

On the other hand while you are here you can actually make over your entire personality, emerging as someone brand new or change your name. Your life is sure to go through a lot of stress, confusion, suffering and upheaval and you can gain a great deal of wisdom through this adversity through spiritual awareness. On a more positive note, old bad habits, parental programming and attachments with others can cause a wonderful new person to emerge through the adversity encountered here.

You can face some threatening situations while you are here, and caution is advised for your well being. Be careful not to dominate, manipulate and control others for your own motives.

MC=Mercury/Neptune    (Orb:0 Deg 24 Min)

While you are in this location you stand a very good chance of being used, deceived or taken advantage of in some way. That's the bad news. The good news is that this can be a wonderful place to let your imagination soar, do some writing of poetry, paint or write music. Your thinking will be somewhat muddled and unclear, and nervous exhaustion can occur. The creative process will be accelerated, and if you enjoy writing, you can find the inspiration at this place.

There will be a great concern for spiritual matters and values and a desire to overcome everyday matters to become more one and at peace within yourself. This is a great place for a daydream or two, but nothing to "heavy" on the earthly plane as your thoughts will be too impractical. Instead there will be a real attraction to mystical subjects, foreign languages and religious matters. Alcohol and drugs can be used as a form of escapism to reach that unseen realm here, but be careful as there can be some adverse reactions to them as well in this location.

MC=Saturn/Neptune    (Orb:0 Deg 10 Min)

You may feel like you are entirely alone in the world here, and you may be correct. Your may feel limited, bound and restrained in your activities, and there may be a trivial illness to deal with from time to time. There can be some confusion for you here as well, trying to decide what is reality and what is fantasy. Here is a wonderful place for some self discipline, while denying the physical sides of life to do some very important work "internally". You can bring your dreams into reality in this location.

If you have been ill and looking for a place to recuperate in solitude, this can be the place to do just that. You may notice some strange changes in mood that you will have to contend with, as well as some very special or disrupting psychic experiences. Any spiritual aspirations will work out quite well here. You can also find success in doing some sort of research and in the process can uncover some startling information or acts of fraud.

Asc Sesquiquadrate Saturn    (Orb:1 Deg 24 Min)

In this area you will find a lack of warmth and friendliness to others and especially relationships which will cause problems. Your patterns of behavior can cause people to keep their distance from you due to your negative outlook on life. While you are here your self worth and confidence may suffer, feeling unloved even when around others. It will be difficult to find a marriage partner to put up with your negativity unless they are capable of rendering continuous emotional support for you. Difficult or cold relationships are offset by keeping busy through hard work. Adversity that finds you here is a positive outlet for you to grow as a person.

Demands placed on others can be heavy through your faultfinding and perfectionist attitude. People do fail in life, remember this when dealing with others here. Depression can find you very easily here and insecurities about life will cause you to retreat into your own little world, allowing no one else to enter. You will feel a strong need to keep people at a distance from you at this location. When you are around people in social situations, you will feel very uncomfortable, even in a room full of people. Your energy and vitality will be lower while at this location, and more time will be needed for rest. There will be additional responsibilities to care for the welfare of others, and legal difficulties can arise for you to deal with as well.

MC=Venus/Neptune    (Orb:1 Deg 36 Min)

While in this location you will notice that your creative and artistic abilities get a boost with an increased imagination that can send you into new areas of music, writing, poetry and painting. You can easily get lost in the ideal of love, while losing the reality of it in the process. This can be a very magical and romantic place for you, but remember to come back to "earth" for a clear view of things. Romance and fantasies are strongly featured in this location.

There can also be a greater compassion and love for people who are disadvantaged or worse off than you are as well. You will also feel the need to be somewhat evasive and illusive to others for reasons of your own device and there is a danger of becoming very lazy or getting yourself involved in relationships for pure sexual gratification.

There can also be dangers of deceptions in romance or neglecting your partners needs for physical pleasure. There can be a great reaction to drugs and alcohol here, and plenty of water should be included in your diet to keep the kidneys in good order.

AUSTIN, TEXAS             30N16'01" 97W44'34"   10 LE 17   4 TA 16

MC Conj Neptune    (Orb:0 Deg 37 Min)

While you are in this place you will find that there is a strong desire and draw for music and art, and there can be many opportunities that come to you in this area. There is a certain degree of laziness and confusion that accompanies these desires, and true masterpieces can take a long time in coming. There is a possibility of all types of scandals while you are here, as well as the loss of your reputation as well. You can find discouragement a constant companion mixed with an equal share of depression for your efforts which will make it very difficult differentiating fact from fantasy.

Your intuitive and psychic abilities will be strong so you have an edge what the pulse of the people is, and what they want. Life for you is a fantasy here, that is the reality of it as well. People will see you as very mysterious in some way, and find it somehow very alluring. You will do well if you are able to make sacrifices in your personal life for a greater cause but be careful of being dominated and manipulated by others for their own purpose.

Occupations or fields for you include religious endeavors, social work or politics. There is a danger of the need to escape reality in this location, and you should try to avoid any alcohol or drugs to facilitate that need. There is also an added risk of being involved with the criminal element, involvements with the police or being imprisoned here. You can be so good at the illusion of this place, that you cannot find the purpose set before you in life. Spiritual aspirations, self deceptions and illusions have their prominent place in this location.

Asc Square Moon    (Orb:1 Deg 57 Min)

In this location you are apt to be a bit more emotional and moody than in other areas, and your relationships with others will fluctuate to some degree. There can also be a dependency on others for support and nurturing as well. You can easily react strongly to the remarks of others and be considered hypersensitive and overly emotional. You may find that you will make frequent changes in jobs while you are here, with a restlessness that causes you to move frequently as well.

You will be easily annoyed and frustrated with other people, and should you live around your parents, the bonds will be difficult to break. Real conflicts can arise within the family structure because you will not understand their needs. Disagreements can be seen with women in particular, being unsympathetic to their plight. You may find that while you are in this location there is always instability in the air, and security will be difficult to find as well. There will be many ups and downs in your life that will make settling down very difficult. On the positive side, you can change old habits that occur here with great effort, and inspire a new attitude towards life.

Asc Quincunx Mars    (Orb:0 Deg 57 Min)

In this area you can be too much of a good thing, while forcing your will on others. This can be a somewhat dangerous position for you, as there can be violence of some sort around you. There will be a strong need to do things your own way, with a need to do them by yourself without interference from others. Harmony and cooperation with others will be impossible to integrate and fights and disputes will arise due to a very short temper. Anyone who prevents you from being the head honcho will feel the wrath of your anger and frustration.

You will quickly gain the reputation as the town bully with your aggressive personality and experience a real careless and impatient attitude towards others. People will view you as someone who always has a chip on their shoulder, and will find numerous people willing to knock it off, or attempt to, but then again, in this area this kind of attention will satisfy your need to conquer others.

True love will not run smooth, regular or on time while you are here, because neither party will be willing to give and take. It will be very intense however, resembling "push and shove" instead.

Mechanical breakdowns and failures will be noted in this area, and occur with a greater frequency than at other places. If you are a very laid back kind of person and need to come out of your shell, then this area can be helpful, but if you are already to much of a good thing, pass through this area quickly. Accidents occurring here will be due to your impatient and reckless ways, tinged with an equal modicum of anger.

Asc=Mercury/Mars    (Orb:1 Deg 11 Min)

In this location you can easily engage your mouth before it catches up to your brain, resulting in some very embarrassing moments. You may choose to argue at every opportunity, and your actions will be from pure impulse without the benefit of forethought.

Your aggressive nature comes alive here as you talk at people, instead of to them. You will be extremely opinionated, dominating, domineering, edgy and irritable, but if you control the impulses you can be very alert and quick thinking here.

Your observations in all circumstances will be very rapid and your ideas will be very clever indeed. Your sensitivity to loud or sudden noises in your environment is heightened and can be quite annoying.

You will act immediately on your ideas here, but they can be met with opposition which is to be expected with this much energy. You will also be under a lot of mental stress to perform tasks that you were so verbal about doing here.

There will be an increase of nervousness in your activities and perhaps involving yourself in deceptive or deceitful practices and theft if negatively used. There can be problems to the health through "burnout" because of your intensity here.

Asc=Venus/Jupiter    (Orb:1 Deg 24 Min)

In this area there will be good times and good feelings towards everyone around you, and you will be much happier for no apparent reason. Your compassionate, humanitarian and charitable nature will be alive and well, and relationships and good fortune are sure to find you.

Artistic and creative abilities are heightened and a more sociable and hospitable nature come to the foreground. There is a danger of going overboard on luxuries, and spending beyond your means to keep up with the neighbors.

There is a greater appreciation for the world around you, and your gentle manners will be evident as well. This location can easily increase your finances and attempts at speculation are favored. Your disposition becomes much more mellow and laid back here and you may decide to try your hand at the sophisticated life. One danger though is being envious of what other people have and the jealousy that accompanies it.

Overindulgences can take their toll on your physical health, so be careful of what you put into your body here, and you may also find that you become lazy and inactive becoming a little chunky in the process.

MC Trine Jupiter    (Orb:2 Deg 14 Min)

While you are here you will fall in favor with people who can grant wishes or bring wealth and success in your direction. Remember that an honest and sincere approach to life will bring good fortune your way. If you are looking for a location where domestic matters and professional expectations are the highest, then you have indeed found that place.

You will be more willing to render service to others and can find work in politics, the medical profession or legal areas very satisfying and rewarding. If you should happen to go to school in this area, then you will apply yourself willingly to your goals because your mind will be very active and curious about every detail of your education.

Your energy will be in ample supply and for this reason you will need to "discharge" this force in many positive areas, doing many different things, probably all at the same time.

You may find yourself greatly interested in sports or sporting events while you are here, and every effort should be made to enjoy yourself. People will see you as a very happy, generous and outgoing person, and enjoy your company. Look into making your hobbies a money making outlet because it is favorable here as well. While you are here, travel around and see what is just down the road from you, or across that field.

A negative side to this location is expecting too much, too soon from your surroundings. You will have an increased faith in the positive side of your fellow man or woman here. Should you be looking for a location that can bring good luck to yourself, then you have found such a place.

Business matters will work out very well here, and if you should plan to expand it, then this is a favorable location to do so. Your levels of confidence will support your success, and others will look to you as a leader for their own causes. As financial gains come to you here, you will not squander it on useless items, but save it to further your goals.

This is an excellent location for buying, selling or improving your home status as well as any form of publishing, teaching, lecturing or religious practices or beliefs. You will see support coming from people in authority or government agencies as well.

Asc Quincunx Mercury    (Orb:1 Deg 26 Min)

While you reside in this area you will have some real difficulties in relating to others, having trouble getting your point across causing misunderstandings and misinterpretations of statements to occur. There will be an abundance of nervous energy and a strong urge to be active at all times. Instead of getting to the heart of issues, there will be an unconscious need to come at it from all angles, never being able to make your point.

Gossip and spreading rumors should be avoided at all costs while at this location, and remarks made to others can cause hurt feelings in others around you. It is possible to have problems with the language of this area or in patterns of speech, perhaps suffering from stuttering or dyslexia. Your will find that your mind processes data so fast that you will have real problems keeping up with it. Be tolerant of other people while you are here because there will be an urge to find fault and be critical. Your judgment will not be at its best, and the possibility of making errors is high.

You may find that you have problems in transportation in this area, and although the best of intentions are laid, you never seem to get places on time, always suffering some kinds of delays. Your mind will be much more scattered than in other places, so an extra effort to keep the facts straight will have to be made. Businesses that deal with buying and selling and negotiations of all kinds are favored.

Asc=Mars/Saturn    (Orb:1 Deg 45 Min)

Advancement will come only through great efforts and obstacles in this location, and your health can be somewhat sensitive as well. Your actions and anger will be more inhibited, and frustrations will be evident. Your energies will be focused on hard work with very little else on your mind. Work will be done silently and alone rather than including others, so if you are into or need a very disciplined lifestyle, then this is the place for you.

You can expect some hard reactions from people here, at the same time feeling a real restlessness. This position is wonderful for working on the same monotonous work day after day after day if that is what you want to do.

This is also a favorable place if you need to be more disciplined in your physical training or sports activities.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA   34N03'08" 118W14'34"   24 CN 46   12 AR 31

MC Square Mars    (Orb:1 Deg 18 Min)

While you are around this location you will find that more confrontations will occur with others and the home front will be void of harmony. Your over aggressive nature and combative attitude will fall in disfavor with people in authority over you. You can be very impulsive, compulsive and rash in behavior and can experience accidents in and around the home.

While you are here you will need an increase of "your own space" so that you can do your own thing, and explore the world around you. Should the need come up, you will be only too willing to rough it to brings some adventure into your life. There can be an overbearing and harsh manner around the domestic front in this location and you may feel you have to rule others with a fist of iron, often refusing to compromise the slightest.

This is an excellent place for home repairs or doing physical work, because you need to replace the old, with the new. There will also be a constant need to better yourself in all areas here. There can also be arguments over what belongs to whom, and family matters will be somewhat explosive to say the least. Remember that if you experience more accidents than usual here, the universe may be trying to tell you to lighten up, or you'll get hurt if you don't.

MC=Moon/Saturn    (Orb:0 Deg 01 Min)

The way you express yourself here will be tinged with cool, calm and collected attitudes, making you seem very reserved. Perhaps you have a real need to stay detached to avoid overconfidence and overenthusiasm. You may feel the heavy burdens and responsibilities in family matters, and social situations will be avoided as they will be uncomfortable for you. Should you be looking for a place to get back to a very simple life with plenty of quiet and solitude, then this is the place for you.

When it comes to showing or sharing your emotions however, you will feel the restrictions of this place through the inability to be emotional. People will automatically know how vulnerable you are to any situation just by noticing how quiet you get here.

In this location there can be problems connected with fertility, congestion and water on the knee.

MC=Moon/Mercury    (Orb:0 Deg 33 Min)

In this location you will find that if you have something to say to others, you will not be "shy" in stating your case, as you will enjoy sharing ideas and your point of view on many subjects with others. There will be a greater emotional rapport with others, especially women and people who are somewhat younger than yourself. Communications can easily be filled with emotion as you respond to the impulses you feel when around others.

While you are here romantic thoughts will surface from deep within, and you will begin to notice rapid mood swings. For women, there can be increased thoughts of raising a family or having a child.

On the negative side, some deep rooted fears or phobias can develop or you can experience some minor nervous disorders.

MC=Moon/Venus    (Orb:1 Deg 27 Min)

While you are here relationships will be very affectionate, and popularity and warmth will be shared with others. You can easily find the support that you need from others and the more motherly side of your nature will emerge. If you are looking for a place to raise a family, find a warm and wonderful environment or a place you can call home, this is the place.

Here you will become a more sensitive and caring person, and your environment will respond accordingly. On the negative side you can be somewhat vulnerable to jealousy, and the feminine side of your sexuality will be heightened.

You will also notice that your perception of smell, touch and taste are emphasized here and plenty of water should be ingested to keep the kidneys in good order.

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