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Edgar Cayce

March 18, 1877
3:03 PM
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

March 9, 2002 - April 9, 2002

A.R.E. Pacific Northwest Region
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Enumclaw, WA 98022
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Tropical/Campanus   NATAL CHART
Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:
Sun=28PI23 Moon=12TA14 Merc=11PI42 Ven=15PI43 Mars=11CP13
Jup= 2CP03 Sat=12PI49 Ura=21LE16 Nep= 3TA39 Plu=22TA56
Asc=21LE03 MC=14TA44

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Mar 9, 2002     (Mar 8, 2002 to Mar 10, 2002) Ven Sqr Jup

This is a time when it is difficult to stay within a budget or on a diet, as your tendency is to splurge on beautiful things and to enjoy yourself as much as possible. You want comfort and ease, and have luxurious tastes. Quality is especially important to you right now. Also, you want to share whatever good fortune you have. You need company and happy fellowship. It's a good time for a party, as long as you don't overdo it.

Mar 13, 2002    (Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002) Merc Sxtil Jup

You are optimistic, hopeful, and forward-looking at this time. You can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. Now is a time for communicating your enthusiasm, sharing your plans and dreams and also being more receptive to others' thoughts and point of view. Contracts, negotiations, and business dealings of all kinds are favored now.

Mar 13, 2002    (Mar 12, 2002 to Mar 14, 2002) Sun Sxtil Plu

There are opportunities for deep sharing, and powerful, meaningful contacts with others, especially people who share common goals or ideals. An opportunity for a leadership role is also likely.

Mar 14, 2002    (Mar 13, 2002 to Mar 15, 2002) Merc Sxtil Nep

Your ability to concentrate on mundane concerns and problems diminishes now. The world of imagination, fantasy, entertainment, or art holds more attraction for you. Go to a movie with a friend (or write your own!). Also, your psychic sensitivity and intuition are heightened at this time. You are more impressionable and open, but somewhat less precise and clear mentally.

Mar 17, 2002    (Mar 16, 2002 to Mar 18, 2002) Ven Sqr Mars

Tangles in romantic relationships are likely now. Your sexual drive is quite strong, and you may be more concerned with satisfying your own desires than in being sensitive to your partner. All interactions with people of the opposite sex are inclined to be tense right now.

Mar 17, 2002    (Mar 16, 2002 to Mar 18, 2002) Mars Trine Mars

Self-confidence, physical energy, and courage run high, so this is a fine time to undertake any project or challenge that confronts you, especially if it involves competition or asserting yourself vigorously. You are inclined to take charge or assume a leadership role at this time.

Mar 18, 2002    (Mar 16, 2002 to Mar 19, 2002) Mars Sxtil Merc

You have a lot of mental energy and are eager to "attack" intellectual or conceptual problems. You are likely to come up with a clever solution or a very workable plan, especially if you brainstorm with others. You also tend to make up your mind very quickly and decisively now, and to translate your ideas into action.

Mar 19, 2002    (Mar 17, 2002 to Mar 20, 2002) Mars Conj Moon

At this time you are more temperamental, impassioned and inclined to act on the dictates of emotion and desire rather than reason. Minor annoyances and others' idiosyncrasies aggravate you more than usual. You are in a fighting mood. Your relationships with your family and the women you are closest to, are likely to be stormy.

Mar 19, 2002    (Mar 18, 2002 to Mar 20, 2002) Merc Sxtil Mars

You are eager to discuss your thoughts and plans with others at this time and you may have a very fruitful brainstorming session, a spirited debate, or a very active meeting with others in which things really get accomplished. You are verbally assertive and can present your own plan or idea quite convincingly.

Mar 19, 2002    (Mar 18, 2002 to Mar 20, 2002) Sun Conj Sun

Today you want to stand out, to be the center of attention and receive recognition. It is a time to appreciate who you are as a unique individual. This is the beginning of a new year for you, and you feel charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose.

Mar 19, 2002    (Mar 18, 2002 to Mar 20, 2002) Merc Conj Merc

You are alert, mentally sharp and clear, and your ability to comprehend new concepts is heightened. Also, you can verbalize and articulate your ideas very well at this time. Intellectual curiosity is also high. This is a good time to make plans and strategies or begin a course of study.

Mar 19, 2002    (Mar 19, 2002 to Mar 20, 2002) Merc Sxtil Moon

You feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings, your past, and other personal subjects, which builds closeness and trust in your relationships, especially with women. You are also a sympathetic listener, drawing out others' feelings and personal experiences.

You may hear from someone from the past or reach out to someone you have a long history with or who was once very important in your life.

Mar 19, 2002    (Mar 18, 2002 to Mar 21, 2002) Mars Sxtil Sat

Self-discipline, training, persevering through a dry or slow period, and working quietly or in meager circumstances are themes in this time period. You have the ability and stamina to concentrate, to work carefully and thoroughly, and to accomplish something modest, yet of real practical value and substance now.

Mar 20, 2002    (Mar 19, 2002 to Mar 20, 2002) Merc Conj Sat

You have a very realistic and no-nonsense attitude at this time, and are rather critical, skeptical, or at the very least, cautious about new ideas. Deep, quite study and solitary reflection is favored. You are more taciturn and uncommunicative than usual and don't feel very social. If you are with others, you are likely to turn the discussions into something heavy and serious. Frivolity holds no appeal for you now.

Mar 21, 2002    (Mar 20, 2002 to Mar 22, 2002) Merc Sxtil MC

Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now. Your judgement is sound. Making worthwhile professional contacts, reaching out to others who can help you in your work, and taking care of business in an orderly, clear way are also likely.

Mar 21, 2002    (Mar 21, 2002 to Mar 22, 2002) Merc Conj Ven

Thoughts of love and an appreciation of the beauty in your life comes to the fore. This is a favorable time to communicate your feelings to the ones you care about: write a love poem or send a love letter! Also your aesthetic sense is strong now; you may want to make changes in your environment to take it more harmonious and pleasurable for you.

Mar 22, 2002    (Mar 21, 2002 to Mar 24, 2002) Mars Conj MC

Your desire for leadership, personal recognition for your efforts, and absolute control over your own affairs is very strong now. You are very competitive in business affairs and business and you aggressively present your concerns and interests to colleagues and superiors. Anger over an inability to be first, or to be on top, is quite possible, but you won't take it lying down - you are ready to fight if necessary in order to forge ahead!

Mar 22, 2002    (Mar 21, 2002 to Mar 23, 2002) Sun Sqr Jup

You are optimistic and possibly extravagant now. You are less cautious than usual, feeling that nothing can possibly go wrong. If you are inclined to overindulge, overspend, or go to excesses in any manner, this tendency is exaggerated at this time.

However, you also aim higher than usual and a very promising opportunity or contact can also occur.

Mar 24, 2002    (Mar 22, 2002 to Mar 25, 2002) Mars Sxtil Ven

Friendships and love relationships are favored as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestures from others. It's not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another - at this time you really want to express it and show it physically. An opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to surface now and work out quite nicely for you.

Mar 25, 2002    (Mar 24, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002) Ven Trine Asc

At this time you are inclined to invest your time and money into making your environment more beautiful and comfortable. You may also wish to enhance your personal appearance in some way, such as getting a new hair style or purchasing clothing, cosmetics and the like. Social gatherings are also very positive for you now.

Mar 25, 2002    (Mar 24, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002) Ven Trine Ura

Unexpected pleasures, new friends, or a more playful, adventurous attitude in your relationships make this time period stimulating and delightful. You want a break from your usual routine, and because you are willing to experiment and to be spontaneous, you are likely to experience a refreshing change of pace. A new romance or a revitalization of a current one is very likely.

Mar 25, 2002    (Mar 25, 2002 to Mar 26, 2002) Merc Sxtil Plu

You are fascinated by the mysterious now. Unsolved or puzzling problems and the hidden or behind-the-scenes aspects of a situation interest you most, and you delve and probe until you discover the truth. An interest in psychology or other peoples' secrets comes to the fore. You enjoy spy stores, mystery, and supernatural stories.

Mar 28, 2002    (Mar 28, 2002 to Mar 29, 2002) Merc Conj Sun

You make yourself perfectly clear at this time, coming across in a very direct, articulate manner. Your honesty and willingness to communicate openly impresses others. This is a good time to give a speech, present your ideas publicly, or simply express your viewpoint to the people who matter the most in your life. If you are in a profession dealing with words, ideas, or communications, this is a very positive and fruitful time for you.

Mar 30, 2002    (Mar 30, 2002 to Mar 31, 2002) Merc Sqr Jup

Your mind is on bigger issues and long-range plans. You are optimistic and enthusiastic about your ideas, but disinclined to read the fine print or study all the facts, which can result in an error in judgement. Try not to be lax about important details.

Mar 31, 2002    (Mar 30, 2002 to Apr 2, 2002) Mars Sqr Asc

Irritations, conflicts with the people you relate to on a daily basis, and a generalized feeling of impatience or edginess characterize this period. Because you are not feeling very obliging or compromising, this is not a good time to try to come to an agreement with another. However, you need to get your grievances out in the open; otherwise the tension builds up to an unmanageable level.

Apr 1, 2002     (Mar 30, 2002 to Apr 2, 2002) Mars Sqr Ura

Rebelliousness, recklessness, impatience, a sudden burst of anger or your need to break free from rules and restrictions may create a lot of disruption in your life right now. Also, you can't seem to settle down or focus on one task for any length of time. Though you are unusually energetic, it is hard for you to get anything done. You tend to fly off the handle and to scatter your forces. You are happiest now when you do something creative and daring, which doesn't involve trying to cooperate or conform to others' wishes and needs.

Apr 1, 2002     (Mar 31, 2002 to Apr 2, 2002) Sun Sqr Mars

You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal.

Apr 2, 2002     (Apr 2, 2002 to Apr 3, 2002) Ven Trine Jup

Emotional well-being and contentment characterize this time period. You feel quite relaxed and carefree, and this would be a splendid time for a vacation. Laziness, self-indulgence, and expecting everything to work out well with no effort on your part are negative possibilities now. You feel very lucky and you are likely to be lax or extravagant with your money. Material benefits are, indeed, likely at this time, but beware of being overly generous or depending too much on Lady Luck.

Apr 3, 2002     (Apr 1, 2002 to Apr 4, 2002) Mars Conj Plu

At this time you can become obsessed about getting rid of something, and you could undertake major revisions and changes -a complete overhaul in some area of your life. You are forceful and can drive yourself too hard and overtax your physical and emotional reserves. Though you may have the best of intentions, you tend to act very compulsively, working furiously toward some goal which you may not even be completely aware of. Your secret need for power, or control, emerges now, and power struggles are very possible.

Apr 4, 2002     (Apr 3, 2002 to Apr 5, 2002) Ven Conj Nep

Your romantic imagination is strong now. Dreams of an idealized "true love" or feelings of compassion and oneness with others emerge strongly at this time.

Your perception of people gets rather hazy; you tend to see them through rose-colored glasses. It is best not to make firm commitments at this time.

If you have creative or artistic inclinations, your work will blossom. You can come up with some really lovely, inspiring images.

Apr 4, 2002     (Apr 3, 2002 to Apr 5, 2002) Merc Sqr Mars

Errors made in haste, speaking too forcefully, sharp words spoken on impulse, or accidents occurring due to restlessness and impatience are all possible at this time.

You feel that you have to fight for what you want or believe in, and you are very clear, decisive, and convincing right now, but you also tend to stir up more controversy or competitive feelings than is really necessary.

Apr 9, 2002     (Apr 8, 2002 to Apr 10, 2002) Merc Trine Asc

Communications are excellent now. You come across clearly and present yourself articulately. Public speaking, interviews, and other transactions with the public are favored. Conversations you have at this time go smoothly, and an agreement can be reached.

Apr 9, 2002     (Apr 8, 2002 to Apr 10, 2002) Merc Trine Ura

You experience sudden insights, make discoveries, come up with fresh solutions to old problems, and seek alternatives to the usual routine way of doing things. Your mental processes are speeded up and you move more quickly now. Try to make room for a lot of spontaneity and flexibility in your schedule at this time.

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